Hydra-X Films are committed to making commercially successful cinema for the horror/thriller fanatic of the 21st Century. Our aim is to deliver Xciting, Xtraordinary and Xtreme stories for an audience that wants to be scared and entertained through intelligent scripts and great filmmaking.

We had just cut our jagged sharp teeth on several shorts in front of and behind the camera for nearly ten years before we came together to form Hydra-X Films
. We made such shorts as the award-winning vigilante film "Repercussions" (2009) and our final short, a supernatural tale "The Secret" (2012) with award-wining horror novelist Stephen Laws.

Now moving into feature-films we have just completed not-just-a-vgilante-movie set in a dystopian Britain, "The Bad Samaritan Must Die!" (2013). We are already developing our second in the film series, which is an origin story of the psycho in a mask, entitled "Dawn of The Bad Samaritan", musical-thriller "A Kick in the Teeth" and an untitled horrror film. We are looking for a producer to work with us on these, as well as finance.

This era of digital technology is such a thriving new industry for independent filmmaking - 'independent' being the operative word. These are very exciting times, as Dan Maitland, in "Repercussions", delicately put it when about to reap vengeance "Here we f**king go"...

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